How to Convert an Android Phone Into a Webcam

How to Convert an Android Phone Into a Webcam?

Hello World! So today’s topic for our blog post is, “How to convert an Android phone into a webcam?” Now mostly all the display devices are manufactured with the facility or a feature of webcams. Webcams can be crucial sometimes; they are helpful to us in many-many ways. Whether it may be any of office work or a just chilling video call to have a face to face chat with our close ones webcams fulfil our needs.

So if you guys do not own a device that has a webcam facility in itself, or either you own a device which has a inbuilt facility of webcam but is just not working or isn’t giving you great results then just don’t worry. At such situation a question may arise in your mind, “How to convert an Android phone into a webcam?” Just chill out yourself as you are at the right place! Yes! We, here at BlogSM have found out a quick and an easy solution for your complication.

Read the post till the very end and you will be able to convert an Android phone into a webcam for your PC or your laptop. All you need to make sure is to find out of place / case for your Android phone so that it does not shake or wobble. An out of focus or blurred video feed is the last thing that you’d want when you’re on a meeting or when you’re talking to your friends. Once you find something to prop your device on, you are good to go. There are two ways by using which you can convert your Android phone into webcam.

1). IP Webcam:

 IP Webcam is available on Play Store as well. A premium upgrade is available as well. Download the PC viewer from You will have to watch the output through your web browser. It only works for Chrome or Firefox. So, it is best if Windows users stay away from Edge and Internet Explorer. You will need to use the http://[IP ADDRESS]:8080/videofeed address if you wish to view the feed. You will be able to find the correct IP address on your phone’s display. Various image resolutions are available for video and stills. Only rear smartphone cameras are fully supported. Once you’ve set everything up, click the Actions button on your Android device to see if the app is running correctly, to stop and start the camera, and more.

2). DroidCam Wireless Webcam:

There are two parts to this solution, the Android app that is available on Play Store (a premium version is available as well) and the desktop counterpart, available from Dev47Apps for Windows and Linux. After you have installed the app, go to your PC, download, unzip and run the file. Follow all the onscreen instructions. After you have launched the app, you will see a prompt where you can input the IP address for your DroidCam. This will be quite easy to find, all you have to do is run the app and you will get the IP address and the port number. On the desktop client, you can adjust the video quality and choose from low, normal and high.

You can use the USB cable that came with your phone as well. When you’re ready to begin, click Start to begin streaming. The app will now begin to transmit the images from your phone’s camera to your computer. For the devices that have two cameras. Click on the Settings button on the mobile app and choose the right box to switch to the camera that you want to use.

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