New iPhones get a Weak Response

New iPhones get a Weak Response


A number of large retailers have noted that Apple’s new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max new iPhones get a weak response, and are struggling to fly off the shelves, with almost half of their stock without any buyers.

According to a detailed ET report, sales of iPhone XS and XS Max were about 55-60% compared to last year’s iPhone X in the first three days of the devices’ launch on Friday, September 28.

Apple reportedly imported 1,00,000 units of new iPhones for sale in India, distributing the stocks across all regions, in order to ensure the iPhone sales would start off with a bang.

This is in stark contrast to earlier years when demand would be much higher than supplies with Indian shoppers queuing up outside stores to grab the new iPhone. Apple had imported about a lakh units of the new iPhones, expanded availability to more stores and more markets to ensure high sales momentum at launch.

More than half the demand has been for the pricier iPhone XS Max 256 GB model in gold colour priced Rs 1,24,900, they said. Apple launched iPhone XS and XS Max last Friday priced at Rs 99,900 to Rs 1,44,900 against last year’s iPhone X launch price of Rs 89,000 to Rs 1.02 lakh.

Some Interesting Things about New iPhones Get weak response


While the company is now thinking that the month of ‘Sraddh’ is Preventing the Indian people from buying the new iPhones.  Apple has a confidence that the sales may grow at a higher rate after the feast of Navratri and also in the late October and also it may grow at a peak around Diwali in the month of November. Apple is also going to introduce some cashbacks for the buyers to grow their sales.

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