How to Recover Unsaved Microsoft Word Document

How to Recover Unsaved MS Word Document

Hello there! This post is going to be really important for those who work a lot on making/typing Documents. And yes as soon as we hear the word ‘Documents’ the first software that strikes our mind is the most commonly used word processing software none other than Microsoft Word. In this post you will get to know how to recover unsaved Microsoft Word Document.

Sometimes when we are working on Microsoft Word it happens that either we ourselves or some third person closes our document by mistake without saving. That moment feels to be the most exhausted. We think that the time and the effort making that document have gone in vein and now it has to be repeated to create it again. But what if I tell you that you don’t have to make your document again also you can recover your document within minutes. Read on to check out how you can recover unsaved Microsoft Word Document.

Microsoft Word is software designed which automatically saves the work after a certain interval. It keeps on saving your work after an interval of 10 minutes by default, which can be changed by the user as per his/her needs.



If you are a Windows 10 user then you can skip the steps below and follow the succeeding paragraph.



Follow the below mentioned steps to recover unsaved Microsoft Word Document.

1. Open Microsoft Word.

2. Go to File Menu.


3. Now, navigate to Info > Manage Documents or Manage Versions.

4. Select Recover Unsaved Documents from the drop down menu.


5. Now, a dialogue will be displayed which has all the recent unsaved Microsoft Word Documents.


 6. Find out the file you need, select it and then click on Open.

7. Once your Document is loaded make sure you save it and start working again. 

If you are a Windows 10 User you can recover unsaved Microsoft Word Document very easily just by a simple step.

In a update Microsoft had introduced a new feature know as Task View in Windows 10. In Task View there is a Timeline feature which syncs all your recent activities to the cloud and saves them for an interval of 30 days. You can locate the Windows Task View at the Taskbar next to the Cortana.

You can recover unsaved Microsoft Word Document by clicking on the Task View and locating your required file in the timeline and just click on it to open.

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