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About Us

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About Us:

BlogSM is an informational and also an educational blog created by ‘Mihir Kabra Creations’ in the year 2018. This is a self-dependent site which researches on certain topics and post it openly.  Here we write on certain topics and provides the visitors with the true knowledge about a particular topic which is posted.

Niche and Categories:

We provide the visitors with the real and tested articles written after a well-deserved research. Here at BlogSM you will find some really good articles based on our two main niches. We mainly concentrate on “Latest  News” and  “Technology tips and tricks” , also these are our two main categories too. Taking our first main niche “Latest News, the articles based on this niche are written after referring some high ranked news sources and then converted to the simple langue. We also provide reviews on some of the most trending news. Now taking our second main niche is “Technology”, the articles based on this niche are written after Testing the tips and tricks. These tips and tricks may really be helpful for the learners. 


Providing the visitors with the true knowledge of a certain topic free of any cost is probably our first motto. We work for the visitors’ satisfaction and relief and above all Self-satisfaction