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How to make your PC fast?

How to make your PC fast?


Know how to make PC Fast.

Now a day’s technology is growing really fast, Right? And most of the people are working with the help of processing machine known as Computer. As technology is growing very fast, we human beings have also become impatient; we want everything to just keep flowing. At such time what happens if you own a really slow PC that lags very much and keeps sticking. Want to know how you can make your PC perform with a really good speed?

Let’s Start,

I will show you 5 tips by which you can make your PC work with a good speed comparatively.

  • Keep your theme as simple as you can :

Keeping the theme to default windows theme will reduce the ram occupation and will allow your PC to keep flowing.

  • Uninstall the software you no longer use:

As there is an endless list of software which serves different purposes (small or big) different applications help us to make our job easy. But when the purpose is served they are stored uselessly. Such useless software applications occupy a large amount of memory and make your PC work slower. So keeping a check on such software applications and uninstalling them when they are of no use helps in making the PC fast.

  • Restart your Machine regularly:

Restarting closes all the software running on your PC not only the programs you see running on the taskbar, but also dozens of services that might have been started by various programs and never stopped. Restarting can fix mysterious performance problems when the exact cause is hard to pinpoint.

  • Remove Unwanted Start-up applications:

In the Start button’s search box, type MSCONFIG, and then head to the Start up tab. You’ll likely see a slew of apps, mostly for system support, but you’ll be able to identify some that clearly aren’t necessary. There’s absolutely no need to have Google Update or even QuickTime running all the time, for example. Don’t delete those that support your hardware or security, but anything blatantly non-productive can go. You may have to check the program names online with a site like to see what they are they may even be malware.

  • Clear the Temporary Files on daily basis:

Temporary Files occupy a good amount of your storage and keeps the unwanted cached data that is mostly useless. These temporary file can even affect the speed of your computer by occupying some of your ram space. So clearing them on the regular basis is necessary. Follow the steps to clear the temporary file.

      • Go to Start Menu and just type %Temp% and hit the ENTER Key.(A new window will open)
      • Press CTRL+A (Select All) then press the SHIFT+DELETE (Delete Permanently) on your keyboard and press the click on YES.

[Note: If Some Additional Dialogue Boxes Appear just close them, they just appear for the files that are in use]  





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