5 Tips to Create A Website

5 Tips to Create A Website

These days anyone can create a website or blog, optimise, and monetise it simply. What you need is an innovative idea and a proper response from it. Most of the teenagers mainly computer science students are getting into this business to build up their skills so that they can earn some good amount of money while they are learning. So today we are going to discuss 5 Tips to create a Website.

Why to Create a Website?

  • To improve programming, designing and solving skills.
  • To Earn Money.
  • To explore your passion to the world.
  • Helping others to learn by teaching your skills
  • To make your business online.


  1. Choosing a Domain Name


Choosing the domain name is the most important thing. Choosing an appropriate domain will make your site ratings higher.  Your domain name should be very catchy and as short as possible so that visitors may surf your site with ease.

Did you know?  Previously Facebook’s name was “thefacebook” and Mark Zuckerberg removed the “the” to make it short and easy to remember.

This is how you need to come up with a domain name and make the visitors feel worthwhile spending their time on it.


  1. Get a suitable Web Hosting


Getting a good Web Hosting is an essential part of making a website. Web Hosting allows you to manage your website files and allows you customise your site with some really helpful tools like WordPress, Site Builders, etc.


Choosing a Free Web Hosting or a paid one totally depends on you (If you are ready to spend some amount on your web site then we will recommend you to have a paid Web Hosting).


If you want to go with free Web Hosting, we have list of sites that provide free Web Hosting.

If you want to go with Paid Web Hosting, we have list of sites that provide good paid Web Hosting.

[You may also search on Google to get suitable Web Hosting of your choice]


  1. Have some basic Technical Skills


If you want to seriously build a website and do something extraordinary with it then you need to have some basic skills before creating a website based on HTML, CSS, jquery, Javascript, PHP. These skills will help you in building up your website faster and make your site more efficient.


  1. Writing Quality Content


If your website content writing is sloppy, bloated or confusing, you’re going to lose traffic, no matter how good your product and services are.


On the other hand, great web writing can help you across the board. Your blog posts will earn more shares, your pages will earn backlinks and your site will start to earn trust the moment visitors’ surf on.


Creating unique content helps you get more traffic and loyal readers; this will also benefit you when you start your website to monetise it.


  1. Maintaining proper Navigation


Once you are done with making your website live on the internet the next part is to design it accordingly. Use simple navigation methods so that the visitors feel easy and comfortable to      understand and navigate the website pages smoothly. Optimise your website for SEO by internal links and giving anchor texts.



Hey, imagining that creating a good website may be such an easy task? If you still need some help or have any queries the please feel free to Contact us.



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