7 Tips for Mobile Photography

Mobile Photography

Mobile Photography is an art and it just captures the beauty of the moment in all its best. Though it does not require great skills, it does require an understanding and some tips for mobile photography to capture wonderful shots. So lets dive into the tips for mobile photography.

Photography is something that just does not happen overnight. One has to devote time and develop patience and learn the art of good photography. After all, the more you learn, the more you love it.

Apart from professional photography, nowadays people are getting more and more involved in mobile photography. Nowadays how easy it is to pick up those moments you love in the small screen of your mobile without any effort just by a click or two. But every photographer small scale or big would worry about the quality of his/her shot. Isn’t it?

So today we are going to talk about some mobile photography tips that will help you take some really good shots in your smart phone.


1. Always set the Focus


Most important thing in photography is that the photograph must show what the photographer wants show using his shot. This can be helped by setting a sharp Focus on the object which will help you clicking some awesome photographs. To set the Focus you just need to tap on the object you want the focus on and you’re ready.

2. Try Avoiding the Zoom


Mobile camera has a zoom function which you can access by pinching or stretching two fingers on the screen. Unfortunately as you are using mobile photography this zoom will be the digital zoom and not the lens zoom which most of the cameras have. Digital zoom in real sense means that the image will get cropped at the portion where you want the zoom effect to happen.

Therefore, if you want to click a photograph of a far distance object don’t use zoom. Click the image with the normal mode. Finally, now you can manually crop or edit the image as per your wish.


3. Use the Grid Lines (Rule of Thirds)

rule of thirds

Click on the image to get more information about the rule of thirds. Picture credits: digital-photography-school.com

The rule of thirds involves mentally dividing up your image using two horizontal lines and two vertical lines, as written below. You then position the important elements in your scene along those lines. Maybe, at the points where they meet. We can get these lines on your camera screen by using the grid option if available.

You should try and put your subject in line with one of the vertical lines. If there is a horizon in your photo, it should be in line with one of the horizontal lines. The idea behind the rule of thirds is that the off-centre composition makes for a more interesting shot.

4. Look for a Distractive Background

distracting background

Just like the ripples of water in this image. Click on the image to get more information for distracting backgrounds. Picture credits: pixabay.com


If you have a cluttered background in your photos it can distract attention away from your intended subject. If the backdrop to your photo has a lot of clashing and distracting colours, the best solution in this situation is to convert the photo to black and white. Isn’t it? Discover your own creative ways to sort out these type of backgrounds. Because it may help you click a lot more better picture.

5. Leading Lines

leading lines

Click on the image to get more information about the leading lines. Picture credits: pixabay.com


Leading lines can be another very useful compositional tool. Using leading lines in a photo can help to focus the viewer’s eye on the main subject and lead the eye deeper into the image. It’s a simple technique that involves using vertical, horizontal or converging lines to focus attention on the subject of your image. Sounds cool! Right?

6. Always take Multiple Shots


If you find something really good capture that in your camera with multiple shots. However, taking multiple shots may increase the chances of getting a better image from the image that you clicked first.

As you’ve clicked multiple images you can now review the best image from those multiple shots. This will help you to choose the best image that is clicked and you will end up with a satisfactory result.

7. Avoid Over Editing


Getting the knowledge of editing your photographs may sound really cool. By editing your photographs you can get a best quality image. But, what about Over Editing the image? However, over editing the image can cause the image to lack in many factors like brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, highlights, etc. Which can cause depression of quality in your photograph. Beginners should avoid using photo editor apps which need some professional skills and try to use some easier apps.

In conclusion, there are so many little-known tricks and techniques you can use to improve your Mobile photos. And we could only share a handful of them in a blog post like this. But once you have started practising these steps you will gradually gain the knowledge and discover your own tricks to click a awesome shot. All the very best and keep clicking folks!

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