Find Out a Lost Mobile Phone

Find Out a Lost Mobile Phone


How annoying the feeling is? The feeling of realising that you have lost your phone. Many of us have also experienced this feeling. So now we are going to talk about find out a lost mobile phone.

Note: First of all if you have already lost mobile phone then we can’t help you at this stage. This article is to prepare your device for such an encounter.

If you have lost mobile phone you need to recover your missing phone as soon as possible. The good news is that your phone has apps to help you. The bad news is that these apps need to be set up in advance.

Find Out a Lost Mobile Phone (Android)

Get your device prepared for the encounter:

To get your device prepared for a lost encounter you will have to Sign-in to your Google account. You should always keep the Location visible in the settings. Your device should have an Internet connection.

How to find out Android Phone:

Open new browser window in any other device and Sign-in to your Google account that you used to Sign-in in your lost device. Now go to Google search and just type in “where’s my phone” and perform a search. You will see a map and all the devices which are linked with your Google account, here select your lost device. Now you can see three options at the sidebar which are Play Sound, Secure Device and Erase Device.

Play Sound: You can get the phone to ring, even if it’s set to silent, which might help you work out which sofa cushion it’s fallen under. The ringing lasts for five minutes.

Secure Device: This provides you with lock option and set a message to appear on the lock screen if you think someone might pick up the phone and return it to you. As long as it’s locked, no one can access your data.

Erase Device: This option is helpful in case if you have completely lost hope and can’t find your device. Here you will be able to protect your personal files by Factory Reset of your device.

Find Out a Lost iPhone

Apple has built a phone-finding tool right into the iOS operating system. The Find My iPhone ability, which lets you track down a missing iPhone or iPad, relies on your Apple ID—so make sure to memorize your password or secure it in a reputable password manager.

To set up this feature, open Settings on your iPhone, tap your name at the top of the screen, then hit the menu entry that lists your iPhone as one of the devices connected to your Apple ID. Enable both the Find My iPhone and Send Last Location toggle switches in this menu. To recover a lost phone, you also need to make sure that your handset has enabled Location Services. This should already be on, but you can check by opening Settings and tapping Privacy and Location Services. Once you’ve enabled these settings, you can go on with your daily life…until your iPhone wanders out of your possession.

So what should you do when your iPhone is lost? First, open up a web browser on any computer and go to, then log in with your Apple ID. Or just grab another Apple device, such as a laptop or iPad, sign in with your Apple ID, and load up the secondary device’s own version of the Find My iPhone app.

The next screen may show you a map at which you may find the last location of your device. A pop-up dialogue will show you the battery level and the date and time when your device reported to in that location. So if the last check-in occurred a while ago, its battery may have died or someone may have switched it off. In this case, the location on the map could be outdated, because a phone can’t report its new whereabouts while it’s turned off.

What Else you can Do for Finding iPhone:

You also have a few options to do. You can make your iPhone ring which will help you to find the iPhone. Using the Erase option you can also erase the memory of your iPhone to keep your personal data safe. And the third option ‘Lost mode’ allows you to protect your device if it is stolen.

In case of a Theft:

Preparing your Phone for Theft Encounter:

Get the IMEI number of your device by following the below mentioned steps.

1.Press* # 0 6 # on your keypad.

2.Press Call or Send as if making a call.

3.Your IMEI number will be retrieved and displayed on your screen.

Now you need to note this IMEI number correctly.

After your Phone is stolen:

Take IMEI number of your stolen device to the nearby police station or the company service centre. As they will use this the IMEI number to track your Phone and take necessary actions.

Preparing for such situation is a must as such situation can occur anytime and anywhere. After reading this post your phone will now be secure form such situations. If you have any queries feel free to Get in Touch.

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