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Now it’s time for ranking your blog high by using Micro Niche!As today Blogging has become an important part of the Internet as many and many people and getting engaged in this awesome Blogging world!

Blogging is getting wider day by day. And as it is getting wider and wider the fresher in this wide range of field are facing a great amount of difficulty to get started. The beginners undergo a lot of thinking process on which Niche, Topic to be more specific they should make their Blog so that they can rank high on the Internet.

What is a Niche?

Talking about Niches; Niches are a kind of field that you have expertise in and you make that field the main topic of your blog. Niche is in sense a very wide term which may contain many subdivisions in it. For Example: Technology is your Niche which is divided in to many subdivisions like personalisation, App Development, Web Designing, etc.

What is meant by Micro Niche and what are it Advantages?

Micro niches are subdivisions or you can say the smallest subdivisions of any suitable Niche. Micro Niches occupy the smallest part of Blogging, which may sound really good to the fresher of Blogging. These small subdivisions may consist of a wider topic or may consist of a narrower topic which may have great importance related to the Niche. The Bloggers working with the Micro Niches face the lowest completions by just a little bit of research and rank higher just by a small number of articles. Doesn’t it sound really cool? Just a little work and greater heights!

Micro niches also get good response form Google if they are really worth of. A unique and useful micro niche Blog may get approved on the Google AdSense and help the Blogger to make some really good daily earnings.

Generating micro niche content can be easy from the general Niche. As creating Niche content may get complicated and you may end up losing your time and traffic but you can fix it by using a micro niche of your main niche.

Thinking of micro niches means working with a very specific topic. For this reason, you have a better chance of solving the problem of people who have searched for your product or service.

How to get good ideas for Micro Niche?

In order to do that, tools such as Google Trends allow you to view trending topics. This means that you have access to topics that are in vogue. Another way of researching into niches is through social media. You can get a better grip of what people are talking about.

You may also ask some questions to yourself before choosing a Micro Niche…

  • Am I interested in working with?
  • What do people around me seem to be interested in?
  • Which problems do I have that need solving?
  • What pains do my friends and family go through?

You should also cross verify the following stuff and then step forward…

  1. Find a profitable area;
  2. Search for your search volume;
  3. Analyze the competition;
  4. Set a micro niche within the area chosen;
  5. To work with a sub niche with little competition.

Now you have a good idea about Niche and Micro Niche. So its your time to create a Rocking content and make your presence felt on the Internet.

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